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ASP-BICF301 IBC Liner Bag Aseptic Filling Machine
China 1000L Bag Aseptic Filler ASP-BIBF301
Single-head 1000 Litres Bag Aseptic Filling Machine | IBC Liner Bag Aseptic Filler
Our IBC Liner Bag Aseptic Filling Machines provide the highest possible level of sterility and productivity for filling IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) liner aseptic bags. The machines are designed for packaging sterile fluids like tomato paste, vegetables and fruit juices, purees, particulates, concentrates, sauces, soups and dairy products.
The compact design gives you maximum aseptic safety while requiring a mall aseptic zone. Nearly all crucial components are from world famous brands and it ensures the reliability of the machines. Weight or flow meters optional for volume control are to be employed.
1. PLC controlled with autognostic capability. Touch screen for operation, easy to use.
2. Grade 304 stainless steel body and 316L stainless fluid-contact parts.
3. Steam is the unique employed sanitizing system to avoid chemical pollution.
4. Designed with CIP (Clean-in-Place) function and circuit connection.
5. Filling from side prevents condensed water dripping on bags.
6. Decapping, filling and capping parts move in a sterile chamber with an overpressure of steam barrier which ensures the sterile conditions.
7. Steam barrier and sterilization by spraying of cap and feed gate with steam and hydrogen peroxide (optional) before decapping ensures a true aseptic filling.
8. The filling head come down to the right height (totally 3 heights set) automatically with the filled volume in the bag.
9. Reliable and in a high standard. All crucial components are from world famous brands.
Applicable bags: 1-inch-spout prepared, 200/1000 litre aseptic bags (Spout is called "Gland" or "Flange" too.)
Filling capacity: 3-6 tons per hour.
Power: 3.0KW
Compressed air: 6-8 bar, 18NL/min
Food-grade steam: 5-8 bar, 30kg/h
Weight: 1000kg
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